APCO partners with both local, UN, international development and humanitarian partners. In the last 9 years of experience, APCC has collaborated with WFP, Finish Somali Network (FSN) Nazareth Church Ministries International (NCMI) implementation of projects in the south-central Somalia. Apparently, our ongoing projects are funded by WFP in Galgadud, Guri’el and Dhusamareb, Finland Foreign ministry for Ramaad joint environmental project in Guri’el and Dhusamareb and Diaspora in Guri’el for Education projects,

At a local level, APCC is a member of Peace and Human Rights Network (PHRN), Somali Natural Resource Management Network (SNRM) and Somalia South / Central Aids Commission (SCAC) and APCC’s International Partners Include NCMI and DIASPORA community, Finland Somalia Association and SAHED RY

APCO and Diaspora Community

The Somali Diaspora in Finland supported APCO to grow from a Charity Center to a well-organized Non-Profit Organization. APCC or later APCO was established in 1998 by local community and group of intellectuals as a non-profit organization. Through cooperation in human development work in Somalia APCO acquainted with these people after a period of cooperation and support, APCO saw the need to get these people’s knowledge and their skills, localize and reintegrate them as a member of the Board of Directors. Abdurasak Adam and Abdinur Diblawe are experienced and highly educated in Finland, both are Finnish citizens.

APCO finds lasting solutions to poverty and human suffering in the Horn of Africa, particularly Somalia. APCO acts as a bridge between the local communities, Diaspora and international donor organizations. It mobilizes Somali Diaspora to engage in the development of their country of origin. Since its establishment, APCO is continuously growing. Having become one of the leading local organizations working on development issues in the South-Central Somalia, it has further increased its capacity to obtain structural funding from funding agencies. Also, the different organizational levels within the APCO team have undergone training to ensure the efficient and effective accomplishment of the organization’s goals.