About Us

We serve families, groups and the poorest communities living in Somalia

APCO was established in 1998 by local community and a group of intellectuals” APCO was formally known as AGRO PASTORAL CHARITY CENTER (APCC) in early years, but after activity expansion APCC become AGRO PASTORAL CHARITY ORGANIZATION (APCO) both names are widely used by our partners and communities.

APCO aims to stimulate the potential of the Somali people to change their own lives through a sustainable, integrated people centered development strategy. In this regard, APCO facilitates various viable development programs amongst the communities it serves. Since 1998, APCO has seen a steady increase in the number of donor partners willing to support its work which is a sign of confidence on and or recognition the value of its work.

The organization strives to facilitate lasting positive changes amongst beneficiary communities by through various strategies, amongst them:

Promotion of good governance and democracy
Strengthening the capacity of communities & community based organizations.
Delivery of emergency relief to disaster stricken persons.