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experienced Team

APCO has the following experienced Team:

- Nutritionist: Analyzes and correlates how poverty and complex political emergency contributes to chronic under nutrition and micronutrient Deficiencies
- Monitoring: Evaluation and Reporting Officer; Timely project assessments, monitoring, evaluation and reporting in compliance with contractual obligations and in ensuring the realization of the project objectives meeting the existing needs. The Officer monitors the achievement of project objectives by checking the indicators
- Finance and Accounts: Finance and Accounts; for financial accountability and management.
- Program Management: Team worth over 10 years’ experience in Humanitarian and Development interventions, experiencing projects funded by WFP, OCHA-SHF FAO Diaspora and the Government of Finland through it’s Foreign Affairs Ministry. The Program management Team is composed of 46 % women, headed by a Lady.
- Engineer: Project Civil Engineering
- Agronomist: agriculture and environmental conservation; ensure good agricultural and livelihood practices for sustainability,

APCC/APCO has strong organizational culture and policies especially for monitoring, reporting and auditing necessary for accountability to the affected populations, stakeholders, partners and donors. The staff members are initiated and sensitized on adherence to the policies which they sign in recognition.