Environmental and ecological conservation

APCO implements the Finnish funded environmental project. The objective of the Ramaad project is to prevent desertification by increasing people’s environmental awareness, planting trees and increasing tree species that are durable even in dry periods. The Ramaad project is administered and coordinated by the Finnish Somalia Network, and it has three partner organizations in Finland and three partners in Somalia.

The partners in Finland are:

  1. Gannaane
  2.  Sahed
  3. Suomi-Somalia Seura

The partners in Somalia are:

  1. Action for relief and development (ARD)
  2. Agro-pastoral charity organisation (APCO)
  3. Sahal Healthcare and Development Association (SAHDA)

APCO is cognizantly addressing climate and environmental disasters emblematic in:

  • Land degradation.
  • Increasing aridity and overgrazing.
  • Water scarcity(Inadequate rainfall)
  • Waste disposal.
  • Climate Change.
  • constants drought