Focus Areas

APCO is actively involved in implementing programs in:

  • Food Security and livelihood support,
  • Economic empowerment
  • Water, Sanitation & Hygiene.
  • HIV/AIDS intervention and Primary healthcare
  • Non Food Items and camp management in emergencies
  • Environmental and ecological conservation
  • Good Governance, Democracy and social justice
  • Education and Protection of human rights
  • Youth Empowerment and gender mainstreaming
  • Persons with disabilities and minority inclusion
  • Peace building and community violence reduction
  • Field coordination of assessments with support of UNOCHA and UNWFP e.g on floods and droughts


APCO is continuously engaged in efforts to improve its own organizational capability and has witnessed a significant growth on both its operational facilities and human resources capacity i.e. staff numbers and qualification.

There has also been a steady expansion in the scope of programs both sectoral as well as geographically, APCO is indicating a growing capacity to serve more beneficiaries. This is combined with a greater depth of engagement with and understanding of their context. APCO is enlisted as an active member of various networks, both international and regional that provide opportunities for peer learning, coordination and ensuring a critical mass.